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All information on the member web sites established by MyFreeSiteCanada.ca and listed in our membership directory is solely in the control of the respective member. The respective member maintains the content of those web sites and the Owners are NOT liable for the content or accuracy of the information on those sites. As the member you accept full responsibility for the information you have displayed on your member site.

It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the content (both text and images) does NOT violate any copyright, trademark or other laws.

As a member you are required to update your profile information whenever it changes. It is considered NOT ACCEPTABLE USE to provide illegal, illicit, fraudulent, inaccurate, or misleading information to the Owners when applying for and maintaining a site on our portal.

As a member you understand that the Owners have no obligation to monitor the data entered by web site users having or gaining access to your web site. It is your responsibility to ensure that your password is not compromised. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IF YOU SUSPECT THAT IT IS KNOWN TO SOURCES OTHER THAN THOSE YOU TRUST.

As a member you are obligated to verify that your business information displayed on your web site as provide by MyFreeSiteCanada.ca is correct and accurate.

MyFreeSiteCanada.ca reserves the right to review any information displayed on members' web sites for compliance to our User Agreement. Further, we reserve the right to terminate any member site at any time, without notice, for any breach of the laws governing Canada or the province of Manitoba; and further any breach of our User Agreement and our Terms of Use (this document).

MyFreeSiteCanada.ca limits our responsibility for any kind of losses due to unexpected web server outages; compensation for the loss of service of any kind are limited to a maximum of one month of the fees paid for the service prorated to the length of the service outage and credited to your account upon written request for credit.

All member sites are required to carry the logos and links to the partner sites of those who engineered, host and support this product. These logos are currently attached to all built-in templates and optional for customized templates. Removal of these logos from your site may result in the termination of your web site without notice or refund.

Members accept full responsibility to keep themselves abreast of updates and changes to the Term of Use (this document) and our User Agreement, these documents may be changed and or updated from time to time without notice.


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