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Editing a Webpage

MyFreeSiteCanada.ca was designed with two things in mind, first and foremost, the product must be easy to use so that the novice user would be able to get a functional site up and running without too much frustration.  Secondly, the system must be flexible enough to grow as you improve your skills and the demands for a more advanced site come with your success in your initiative.

It is here in the webpage editor that you begin to see the separation of beginner and  advance user interfaces. MyFreeSiteCanada.ca offers two editors. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for the normal people like you and me, and then there is the HTML editor for the advanced users who will need this in order to produce more powerful pages.

Our system also offers a unique subject, description, page title and keyword metatags for each page added to the system. Don't worry if you do not understand what this is used for, this feature is for the advanced/experienced user. (Note to the advanced user, the system also offers the ability to add your own metatags, see the section on "User Defined Metatags").

HINT: Search engines will index and rank your pages higher if you have meaningful values for these tags with respect to your page content.


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